Hearing Aids Overview

Hearing Aids: The key of hearing loss

Advanced ages is most commonly cause of hearing loss.You don’t feel easily at first time your hearing has loss until someone else notices it. If hearing loss is serious, it can become dangerous after the age of 50.However,wearing hearing aids as soon as you notice that the sign of hearing difficulty can significantly slow down the progression of hearing loss and enhance the quality of of life. Therefore it is essential to take action immediately against hearing loss early on to avoid missing out on all that life has to offer.

Your path to better hearing

Start your path to better hearing today. Sahara Clinic is one of the best path to provide best quality of life. Sahara Speech And Hearing Clinic will always help to search a best hearing aids tailored to your specific requirement. Our consultation is absolutely free with experts. We’re very pleased that you are looking into our hearing systems, because that’s the initial stage on your journey to better quality of life through easy hearing and understanding.Take the opportunity to follow professional advice, and find out what exactly you can do about your hearing loss.

 We have a huge network of hearing aids providers exist in many location across India. Association with our hearing aid provider, we are confident that we can support you to find the best hearing solution.Contact and speak live with a hearing aid expert today!

    Hearing Aids Overview

    Hearing Aid is tiny electronic device fit behind the ear that helps people boost the sound very well. It’s easy to use and comfortable also. Its has Variety of colors, size, style and technology. It has three range of Hearing device such that: Premium, Mid-range, and Basic. But Hearing Aid price only depends their technology, design and features. Youth generation latest technology are introduced day-by-day. Hearing Aids technology also enhances a lot. Most hearing aids are several related components include microphone, amplifier, receiver.Older days hearing does not reduce background sound. In crowded place they ware not work properly, user doesn’t listen any sound clearly .

    Now in present time, Latest technology of hearing aids overcome of these type of problems. While currently, user of hearing aid directly received the sound of the people speaking. By using hearing aids you can communicate with others, easily recognize any frequency of sound. And enjoy with your friend in any crowded place like restaurant, club, any other party place. 

    At Sahara Speech And Hearing Clinic Provides the quality of hearing service through our expert team of Audiologist. So if you  get any information related hearing aids and hearing health. Just knock our door. Our team always support you at any time.



    Everyone wants to select best one. In premium range, Sahara provides the packed with best and advance technology, feature, design, style, color and superior direction. They have the feature of automatic change the setting according to the various hearing environment.They also come with manufacturer warranty period and we’ll provide service of every six months for you. The premium class hearing aids price range from Rs 1,5,4,990 to Rs 2,7,4,990. Doesn’t matter what a person’ lifestyle, focus on a premium hearing aid should be recommended only for those who can afford to pay the “premium” price.



    The mid range hearing gadget is based on a reasonably active lifestyle. They have an additional feature available like speech recognition and automatically change the volume setting, easily connected with the wireless device, bi-directions. Eliminate all irritating background noise while conversation. But It has Less option to select color, style, design.This range of hearing aids is best and make sure enhance the hearing quality. Mid range is reliable and affordable range under in budget for the buyer. Overview the price range of mid range between RS 49,990 to RS 1,54,900.



    Basic hearing aids offer to customize fit for lifestyle. These hearing aids are suitable for your home environment. Easily recognize the sound who speak them. User understands the sound clearly.and Listen to TV at normal volume. Hearing aids are any range but the focus is that which is suitable and comfortable for you. It is essential for every hearing aid user. The following example forgave an idea the range of hearing aids with per-ear price is Rs 24,990 to Rs 49,900.

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    Hearing aid design

    Everyone wish they adopted fashionable look.And Every person right to enjoy your life. But deaf people were very upset. Now the time to enjoy every moment your life. Because the latest technology of hearing aids introduced different color, design, and style. You have to select your own choice. Whether you can select main types of hearing aids first Behind-the-ear (BTE) and second in-the-ear (ITE) hearing systems. In India.only theses have more option to select color and design.

    BTE hearing aids

    High-Performance and discreet

    BTE style hearing aid is suggested all type of hearing losses.They are small in size and fit behind the ear. They come in a variety of colors, designs, size, and styles. Understand to enhance the speak recognization bi-direction according to listening situation.Many BTE hearing aids offer these features. This hearing aid is lightweight, long lasting battery backup, and comfortable.Hearing aid user easy to wear all day. Additionally, they are budget friendly and choose according to your lifestyles and level of hearing loss. Keeping your hearing aid in a hard plastic case which is protected by delicate digital structure inside.

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    Digital hearing aids

    Today Digital hearing aids are discreet and advanced technology. Modern technology is tiny and high-tech System using the latest digital technology. Well-informed features and program built into the hearing aids and providing advanced sound reproduction and processing of sound. Digital hearing aid help the hard of hearing better in the different listening environment. But modern hearing aid is not just high technology. Hearing aids have also become tiny and even good looking. Today Behind the hearing aids are small and almost invisible. Other types of hearing aid fit in the ear canal. Some of them are also tiny in size. For people for more server hearing loss, more powerful hearing aids may be needed. Digital hearing aids have a variety of colors, style, design, you have to choose according to your lifestyle.

    The obvious advantage of digital hearing aids is that there are unlimited ways in which the digital signal can be manipulated.. the number of features that can be applied to that:

    • Digital micro phone
    • Channel
    • Bands
    • Noise suppression
    • Abrupt Noise cancellation

    Analog hearing aids

    The real world is technically analog and any hearing aid microphone starts by picking up an analog signal or waveform. You that is correct from your experience. Analog hearing aids make use different electrical signal does a loudspeaker. Are you having a hard time hearing aids and are considering getting a hearing a hearing aids?if you get a need to know about the analog hearing aids because this is the most common type but not the only type.The advantage of analog hearing aid will help you decide if this the answer for you.

    • These hearing aids amplify by making it louder and easier for you to hear.this means that anyone with a more extremely hearing loss will be heard with this type.this aid will use effectively for any degree of hearing loss.
    • The volume of hearing aids is easily controlled by a volume switch.this allows you to decide how much sound to want to hear in a different setting.
    • The cost of this hearing aids is affordable for everyone.
    • You can get this type of hearing aid in my different style.
    • In a quiet environment, these aids provide clear sound than another type.

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    Everyone wish to enjoy every moment in your life. Hearing Aid help you to the quality of hearing recovery.that you are completely audible any type of sound like that music playing, speech, birds chirping etc. if you are a loss of hearing using Hearing aids, they have developed with advanced technology and functions and different color or design also. Hearing aid wearer easy to fit and feel more comfortable after that your life becomes easy and you can enjoy every moment. Good hearing health is our most precious possession, so act now enjoy, and using this technology of better hearing. Hearing loss can affect our loved ones and also. We suggest that a friend or loved one with you to evaluate.We always welcome to you and suggest that they are included in the up-front work as well as the treatment plan.our team of experts focuses seriously on your individual needs to help find the perfect solution for you!

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